Monday, July 21, 2008


Hey guys... I have changed my blog from Blogger to Wordpress..
It will be www.preitz.wordpress.com

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Of My Fav Ads...

When I first saw this ad... I cudnt help myself from holding my stomach n laughing out loudly..

Friday, June 06, 2008

Being tagged by Shanti..

I have been tagged by Shanti.. I wonder from when did he learn tagging others...
Ok.. here it goes..

Last movie seen in a theatre:
Krazzy 4. (Just to see SRK's item number).

What book are you reading?
No books rite now... only T…..V…

Favorite board game:
Scribbling on Black board… hehehehee

Favorite magazine:
Any magazine whose contents entertain me..

Favorite smells:
Smell of the smoke of fire crackers, dettol, petrol.., soil smell when it rains for the first time..

Favorite sound:
Costly words of my hubby… he talks little ..

Worst feeling in the world:
No adventure holidays, no chocolates, no choco icecreams, no internet, no colours..

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
Again I have to cook today??? Where should I go for shopping this weekend??

Favorite fast food place:
Now it’s Domino’s Pizza… the new Sicilian wheat content.. Very tasty.. do try it.. esp Farmhouse.

Future child’s name:
will have to think… not a child's game u know!!

Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…”
first think of helping the very very helpless people.. Seriously..

Do you drive fast?
Never… I still have to learn driving, but wanna fly a jet fast.. My childhood dream.. hmmm..

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Ya, my teddy bear (my husband) n recently i got a plum Garfield 2 ft tall..

Storms - Cool or Scary?
Scary, but I do enjoy it sometimes..

Do you eat the stems on broccoli?

If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
I love my hair to be natural black as I have, I don’t like to look like a joker..

Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:
Shahabad (my sweet township), Gulbarga, Bangalore, and Bijapur.

Favorite sports to watch:
I don’t like watching, but if given an opportunity, I would like to do the batting.

One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:
Looks innocent (but is not), always ready to help..

What’s under your bed?
White colored tiles (the floor yaar..)

Would you like to be born as yourself again?
Yes… very much… esp my teddy's wife.. :-)

Morning person or night owl?
Morning person during weekdays, night owl during weekends..

Over easy or sunny side up?
Obviously… sunny side up..

Favorite place to relax:
A clean Beach.. with less humidity..

Favorite pie:
Apple Pie..

Favorite ice cream flavor:
Chocolate, Butterscotch.. Strawberry tastes like tonic.. yuck…

You pass this tag to:

Raj, Roobarooooo... Roshniiii, Maneesha, Preetam, infact everyone on my blog roll..

Of all the people you tagged this to, who’s most likely to respond first?
will tell once I c the updated blog of the above bloggers.. :-)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"I Am The Best" Attitude... I hate it.

Heard about the recent news involving Amitabh, Amir Khan n SRK??

Ok… when I heard it… I was thinking like… are the former ones really matured enough for us to be their big fans?? I don’t think so.. I think this is the first controversial post I am putting on my blog.

What those 2 people really did was like purposely hitting someone n then saying ‘sorry’. Was this kind of act really required?? Or did anyone admire their attitude?? Its pure professional jealousy n a feeling of insecurity I believe coz of which these 2 people are behind a single person… SRK. They are definitely not my favorites but I did admire their acting in movies, n now after all this… just forget it.

Know what… after this incident, the 2 said people have got more publicity, but much more is the love n respect they lost from their fans (only a negligible fans of them supported to what they did) and those not interested in them have started hating them much more for their attitude. Ok lemme deal one by one.

Take AB... he says a kind of sentence which compares him n SRK’s performance in KBC (earlier). Now that SRK is hosting ‘…..Paanchvi Pass…’, AB says directly or indirectly that the ratings of KBC (AB) was much better than SRK’s new show. If AB loves to be compared himself with others… I say he should first start from his home. If KBC is given to Abhishek Bachchan, will he be able to give the same kind of performance?? Will he be able to draw the same amount of population as much his father did?? DEFINITELY NO. OK forget comparing father n son. Will Abhi be able to attract a good number of viewers when compared to SRK?? AGAIN.. NO..

Ask AB to act like SRK in some of the latter’s hit movies.. will he be able to make the film a big hit??? NO, DEFINITELY NOT. OK.. what I want to say is every top stars cant be compared with each other… coz each of them have their own unique style of acting n presenting.

Different sets of people support different actors/actresses. AB is a movie personality since long n has acted in many films, so he is able to attract a large number of fans/viewers/audience.. Now a super duper movie star (who is going to be) after some years may not be as successful compared to today’s SRK.. I hope u people agree to me. This is one simple reason to justify.

KBC was more successful compared to …Paanchvi Pass…, I agree to this. There is a simple logical reason behind as to why is it so. Lemme explain.

The concept was too too new when KBC was started then, coz of which it drew a huge population to watch it.. later came SRK, then with …Paanchvi Pass… not attracting many viewers now… reason?? People are satisfied after watching many number of shows n are not much curious to see who wins how much… Now imagine AB as a host to …Paanchvi Pass…, will he be able to draw the same number of viewers he had managed when KBC was launched?? N…O. N E V E R. The concept has become to old now. Most of the viewers might have been demotivated coz they din get the call from those shows even after regularly sending the right answers.. Another possibility you know…

Now… Mr. Aamir Khan.. the kind of sentence he said about his dog, him feeding it.. was it really necessary to say that he feeds biscuits to it everyday, by taking its name?? He seemed to say like…. other dog owners starve their dogs.. comon yaar…. What are you upto??

I simply cant understand … how could he so comfortably say that. He says his caretaker named the dog Shah Rukh .He could have atleast changed the dog’s name?? Galti purposely karo, then maafi maango.. huh…

Sometime back I heard another story of 3 actresses who made fun of (or something like this) another actress looks. Previously I had admired those 3 actresses… but from the time I heard abt their comments on another… I hate looking at their faces. I wonder what the ladies got after doing this?? I SIMPLY HATE THEM. If given to talk to them, I will first talk about two of their silly looking noses.. really. After all everyone has one or the other feature on their face which can receive a negative comment.. rite??

I know blogging is about putting your thoughts to share with people, like I have put my opinions here. But at the end why do hurt someone publicly, purposely n then apologize??

They must had been aware of the consequences.. still they did it for publicity.

I hope no other personalities insult each other this way in future.

I have put down my opinions… now frns I expect yours..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Water Water Everywhere...

When ever I think about our trip to Sai Vishram Beach Resort, Baindur near Mangalore... all I can say in words are """"WOW"""".

Man, the place is damn cool. I donno how to say about my 2days there... awesome it was. First time in my life I plunged into the Arabian Sea. During those water sports I shouted n screamed like anything.. too restless.. felt like going in the middle of the sea n swim.. (yes I did later, but with a life jacket)

We left Bangalore on 7th n reached Baindur the next morning.

I could hear the sound of the sea, couldn’t wait to see it.. went to it n had breakfast a bit late. First it was a banana ride.. I dared to sit at the front.. but later repented, coz I cudn't c anything coz of the salty water splashing all over my face, till the end of the ride, I had to keep my eyes closed or giving my hands the work of a wiper.. but still managed to enjoy the ride.. surprise was when the driver took a left suddenly to end the ride… and made all the ppl on the banana boat fall into the water.. yuck .. the water was too salty. I had tried to do the impossible kind of act i:e holding the rope so tight as to not to fall into water.. but finally fell into it when the ride ended..herez the pic, me at the front.

Hahaha.. I think whenever I plunged into the water.. I ended up drinking the salty water.. not only by mouth, but thro nose also.. but still enjoyed every second of it.. c c I can c myself a biggg smile over my face as I m writing this.. After this we were into water for nearly an hour.. enjoying the waves coming n hitting, me getting into water n water getting into my nose again n again, think I drank nearly half a liter of salty water thro my nose alone .. I tried to do some swimming stunts(I donno swimming). Next we thot of having our breakfast. Believe me, all the meals served in that resort was so very tasty.

After this, as usual, again jumping into water. My mom-in-law had warned me pyaar se not to get into water like I got into air (parasailing) in Goa, but who cares such instructions when one wants n loves thrills n adventures. But for her sake I din do the rock climbing, even hubby was not happy about giving a thot of climbing, coz he felt i may get strained. (Ranjit shud had been ther.. we wud had climbed the rock for a change instead of the trees.. hehhee... ). I can't wait to show the snaps to my mom-in-law. I sacrificed the wish of climbing the rock. Next again the tasty lunch.. then relaxed on the beach… watching ppl enjoying. Took a lott of pics of the sunset.

There were these 3 dogs called Fudge, Cesar and Boozo(very very lazy one). very lively dogs.. will run to u, wil play with u in the water.. get ready to take snaps with u.. I simply loved them. When I was taking hubby's snap, one of these dogs Cesar(Gerat Dane) ran and stood just beside him ready to be shot... how sweet of it. Then at that night there was

camp fire/ fire camp (whatever). Everybody danced.. except a few ones.. includes me too..:-(.. wat to do, I love dancing but can't.. The whole day I was with all smiles :-))))

Moons danced with them.. he never leaves such chances.. :-)

NEXT DAY... the much awaited day the previous day...

Love to c sunrises, but Arabian sea can only show sunsets..

Got up, full prepared again to hold my nose n fall in water.. whoopeeee.... water again!!!!!! was all I cud think of.

Ppl there took some of us in a motor boat to a point 3-4 kms away from the beach n told us to be in the boat or in the water for sometime. Moons took off his life jacket n plunged into water, coz he din feel he had the touch of that water while swimming earlier. Later on he got into the boat since the guard din let him swim without life jacket.

I was a bit afraid as to how to get into water.. shud I jump, or shud I sit at the edge n then slowly get down using the mini ladder?? 'no...', I thot, I shud remember this thro out my life … n suddenly found myself holding my nose n jumping in the standing position,, I went somewhere 3-4 feet below the water level I think.. then wat?? as usual, drank some more water thro nose n mouth.. n saying yuck.. simultaneously complaining to my hubby abt the water. A biggg smile was all he cud give. I just kept my hands n legs moving, trying to swim n change my place.. but I think the small waves pushed me away from the boat.. the more I struggled to move towards the boat the more far I went, or was the boat moving coz of the water?? questions n questions n panic as well. ‘What if there are shark near me.. wat if they pull or bite my legs’,... was getting a bit afraid. Hubby got the slightest hint on my face n jumped into water n took me to the boat.. 'haan.. this was something in life', I said... but he din say anything to me for me getting into water when I din know to swim... I love him... muuaaaahhhh... my sweet stubborn life partner.

Later got refreshed, had food n got back to our tent.. I hate to be in the sun when it’s too humid.

Time for water again!!!! I rode Yamaha 700 Horse Power Jet scooter.

Found a bit diffi in the beginning, then later on was riding like as if after a moment I wil start flying the scooter in the air... luckily the guard behind me didn’t insist me to ride slow. I cud c my husband's worried face frm far. Later on he too rode the bike.. n had a great time there.

Believe me frnds, this place is worth visiting n being there. U will absolutely have no complaints at all. Service was more than we expected, food was too too good. Only thing I could blame was the humid climate.. tats natural in such areas.

Everything was going on too good until he said to pack our bags.

I could hear me telling to him....

“is it really necessary to go back to Bangalore??”

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Birhtday Wishes to You Dear!!

Lots n lots of flying kisses to my loving husband....
Its his Big Day.. Birthday today (23rd March), and I wish him loads of happiness.. success.. good health..

Sweets on his day are definitely not the first thing he prefers. Vodka is all he likes. And since I dont usually let him have it.. I thot he will be happy to look at these bottles atleast.. After all his Birhtday. Here Appu (his nick name) here's wat u like... :-)


And if not happy with the quantity.. here goes another pleasant sight for u... :-)

Love you always......

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

“Childhood Sweetheart”

All the names n characters in this post are purely not co-incidental nor fictions. These are all facts based on two unique best friends called Preeti and Ranjit. Any ditto resemblance may be a coincidence.


Childhood Sweetheart"


Naughty Ranjit

Sweet little Preeti

Always Appearances : 2 doors of 3 yards distance, A cute little garden, mango trees, jamun trees, classroom, teacher with stick, our moms… n some extras as n when needed.

Not long ago some 26-27 years back there lived 2 little kids Preeti n Ranjit in the same building, their doors facing each other’s. As long as they lived there they had been very good neighbors. So good that whenever Preeti knocked their door (at least 10 times a day), she was always let in with a smile on their faces.).

Now I will stop this filmy way n tell in my way.

I remember the days when we were dropped to our kindergarten by our parents. During one of those classes, we were punished for making hell lot of noise & were made to raise up our hands (ah.. how painful punishment it was..)

We infact had been same bench mates for a couple of years in our primary class and see here too I was being troubled. Poor me.. :- (

This kid next door was (AND IS) a naught, intelligent n studious specie. Sometimes I feel I was the only creature o the earth being a target of his pranks.

Most of the time after the school, we (with a couple other frns) wud spend our evenings till sunset ON the mango trees n jamun trees which grew in our common garden. I really don’t remember wat we spoke but chat chat n chat for a long time…

We used to play with the mud, dry as well as wet (hehehhe…). Horrible were those moments and looks when our moms wud see us sitting on the trees and playing with mud and yelling at us from their respective windows on 2nd floor.

‘Ting tong’, wud go the door bell whenever I wished to play with him. This fair, healthy looking, chubby cheeked kid wud open the door with a smile expecting me to be there as usual.

“ A ranjit, khelne aata kya re??”, I wud ask.

This very sincere mom’s son wud take her permission to go out.

“ haan chal, garden mein khelenge”.

Very precious were those days… will never forget.

As years went by, our communication lessened during our high school since his family shifted to a different house In the same colony. We even did our 10+2 in the same college. During these days I had avoided him coz the ppl in our college were too narrow minded n I din wanted to give any chance for any kind of rumors.. this is where I had completely lost in contact with him.(God! Why at all I did that??) Later he moved to his hometown in Kerala n did his graduation there. Worked for some time n recently doing his MBA in NIT, Trichy.

Surprises n surprises, my eyes popped out when I saw him trying to add me in his frnds list in my orkut home page.. it was such an exciting moment… my first frnd, my best frnd... finally got him again!!

My parents too were happy to know that we are in touch again.. his mom had called me to spend some days in her place.. I really wish to, she prepares such delicious food .. hmm have to think abt visiting her.

There was this strict guy called santu (nick name). Though only 3 years elder to us.. he wud act as if he was 10 years elder to us.. but this guy was sometimes bossy .. but sometimes he was cool and is cool.. :- )

Sometimes he wud flirt (he din leave his granny also). Sometimes tried to pick an argument for time pass.and then it would turn into a seriousargument(for me), but nice timepass for him.. huhh..

When it comes to ranjit, we used to fight a lottt. I remember pulling his hair and him pulling mine shouting n screaming… “Eeeeeeee”… n our moms had come to separate us... god….

When dads came home... complaints n complaints... for the next 2 days we wud hate to c each other’s face...

Many a times we did the hit and run business if angry. I wud hit him on his back and run for my life.. either to my mom or to his mom(I knew I wud be safe with her too)..

“Aunty dekho ranjit mujhe maarne aara”..

His mom wud scold him and his face wud be a sight to c.. poor guy.. rarely he wud get the chance to say what really happened. I did the same with santu too… hehhheee…

Many times he too had followed my footsteps… huh… tit for tat..

Not even a year back he managed to get my contact number n we chatted for long.. After some time, I asked in our usual language…

“kya ranjit, koi girlfriend hai kya??”

“kya preeti, tujhe maalum hai jab bhi ghar ka darwaza kholta toh tu hi rehti thi… uske baad koi nahi aayi darwaza knock karne…” (giggles)

“kyun ranjit, flirt kar raha hai kya??? Wait… once u meet I will hit u like anything…”

Both laugh…

M very desperate to meet my very very old frnd, a good frnd.

Given a chance our moms wud definitely be happy to talk to each other but my mom speaks in Kannada n his mom in Malayalam, but broken Hindi was one language they used to communicate earlier.. hehhehee….

This guy has recently played in a short film for which he was in the lead role.. its in Malayalam.

I can say a lot n lot about OUR days in childhood, but definitely not on blog coz it gets tooooo lengthy….

Monday, January 14, 2008

So true....

Guys and Stars

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sweetest Birthday I ever had

11th December happened to be my birthday, the sweetest b’day I ever had. Have moved to an apartment and I am on a mission on setting our new home. Hubby too had been too busy with his work that day ( doing the duty of 2 ppl coz 2 colleagues on leave). I cud see in his eyes how tired he was when he come home.

Around 12 midnight he woke up without disturbing me, took the cake from where he had hidden it and brought towards me, he woke me up, the room was very dimly lit. Before I cud understand what was happening, he held the mini black forest cake in front of me with a candle lit on it and said, “here love, wish u a happy birthday”. Being too sleepy as well as surprised I din know what to say but I was with all smiles and managed to say thanks. In that dim light I still could see his tired and sleepy eyes. He accepted a small piece of the cake and then went to sleep. I enjoyed the lion’s share of the cake..

The next day he managed to come home soon and took me to his work place (which happens to be a 5* hotel… errr.. not boasting) and had our dinner there. After this another surprise awaited. A bigg black forest cake arrived. As I cut the cake, all the waiters and the managers in the banquet hall sang the birthday song and then played a cheerful birthday song in the music system. I was already in the air by then. People wished me and resumed their work. Wished I could add the photos here, but I forgot to carry the cables with me from home town.

I din mind about losing the rest of the cake ( basically m very selfish when it comes to sharing cakes, chocolates, ice-creams and pani puris)
M very happy that I have such a loving husband.

Thanks a lot for everything darling..
Lots of love…

Monday, July 02, 2007

Its Our First Wedding Anniversary!!!!! (3rd July)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to U! - updated

Hey Love,
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day dear.

This delicious Birthday Cake goes for you my sweet wife. And yes, this glass of Lacrima-de-christe goes to me...!!!!

And yes, your gift is desperately waiting for you.

- Moons


>>>>> Thanks a lottt moons.... was a surpise when i saw this post :-)

and know friends what the present was??????

heheheh.... Nokia Nseries......

--- preeti

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Whoz the spy???????????

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tirupati Trip

Had been to Bangalore and Tirupati a couple of days back. Had to go with a couple and others who were Moons frnds... Had been to Tirupati for the first time.

The Couple had the wish and as prayed, lighted the wax on all the 3,550 steps......

Mid way to the temple, offering food to the deers.

Started climing the stairs at around 4 "AM" as said and reached the temple at around 11.45 AM. All of us had climbed the 3,550 steps ya... but the experience was good!!! :-)

Had become nostalgic these days since I m finding my lost school frnds in orkut... so thought of adding the photo.... From right... " the sweet looking, decent, innocent, kind hearted gal is me" ;-)

My Sweet School..... MCC (Mount Carmel Convent School) One of the best and disciplined schools...

Lastly , I tried my level best to arrange these snaps in a nice order, but since i dont have a thing called patience, left it....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Budding Chef...... Just the beginning...

She: …….kya??? tu banayeso khaana woh sab khaare kya???
I : (proudly) haan….. kyun rey?? (our usual hyderabadi istyle)
She:sab log theek thak hai na???
I :haan…. abhe chup… bahut hua… main cooking mein utni buri bhi nahi hun… ek baar
idhar aa, banayeso khaana kha.. tabh bol…
She:nahi rey.. abhi mera bura waqt nai aaya….

went on the conversation over the phone with one of my frnd… ya before getting married I knew cooking only rice (only in cooker), different shaped fat chapattis ( infact…. like papads), aalu curry and very salty sambhar. Bas… itna ich aata tha… haan kabhi kabhi solid cake bhi banaya karti thi…

But now it’s fully changed. I don’t believe that I cook good… and other members in my new family are happy abt it. Credit goes to my mother-in- law, she had taught me to cook most of the dishes. She has a lott of patience for a gal like me.. really, n she is friendly too man!!! Never expected that I wud get a good lady as my mom-in-law. She rarely pointed out my mistakes, (but I knew my faults) thus motivating me to cook better food. She has a mild nature. Her son i:e my husband points out the mistakes sometimes ( he is welcome for that ) ….
“No love… you shouldn’t add coriander leaves when the food is half cooked or at the beginning in oil… it shud always be at the end after the dish is fully cooked… shud always be used for garnishing the dish… else it gives a bitter taste…”, he had once said when he had seen my cooking ishtyle. Sometimes I feel he shud have been a chef… I wud had taken nice rest relishing all the continental food stuff he wud cook for me … ;-) m very selfish I know… hehehee..

Today I cooked chole for the 2nd time in my life (looking at the written recipe)… first time in my hometown. He takes a look at the kitchen and asks… “mom… wat special today???”. Mom is silent for me to reveal it.
“ Chole..”, I said…
“ so experimenting today??”
“ya… first on u….”
“veeru…. get ready and run out soon… we will go out and have our food…” , he tells to his younger bro.. mom and veeru laugh…
man…. my man is impossible…. never serious abt anything…. but I LOVE HIM…. he is more a friend than a husband as I had said earlier… eggjhaktly the kinda person I wanted for myself……

Thursday, September 07, 2006

PJ of the day (Forwarded )

Dhikchik dhikchik dhikchik dhikchik

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